MyEtherWallet ‘forked’ into MyCrypto

MyEtherWallet ‘forked’ into MyCrypto – but wait until the dust settles!

Taylor Monahan, former CEO of MyEtherWallet – a popular service to interact with Ethereum’s blockchain – parted ways with her co-founder, forked MEW and rebranded into MyCrypto together with the rest of MEW’s team.

This seems to be a legitimate move, although it was executed in a confusing way. Meanwhile, MEW is continuing to run under the other co-founder, who wasn’t informed of the change. Do note, however, that he wasn’t very active on social media until today.

We advise caution and would be patient before using either service regardless, as it’s still possible a sophisticated kidnapping or duress has taken place. ‘Proof of selfie’ means nothing in this space and a kidnapped person could still make jokes about it under threat.

It’s a farfetched possibility, but the two Medium posts outlining the move have a poor writing style compared to previous content shared by MEW and PGP signatures are also vulnerable. In addition, there are other potential red flags being shared on Twitter.

On the bright side, at least without an unexpected change of code in case the hacking scenario turns out to be true, both MyCrypto and MEW are only client-side interfaces and do not hold anyone’s tokens – the accounts are on the blockchain!

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